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As you may know, one of the most important steps in the painting process is prep work.


Because proper prep work is often tedious, many painters do the bare minimum.


One of BAREFOOT’S hallmarks is that substantial and thorough prep work will be done on each project and customers frequently comment on how much effort I put into my prep work.


Whether you have an interior or exterior painting project, you can count on Barefoot Painting to do your prep work right, with meticulous clean up afterwards! The bottom line is I want your project to look great, and last a long time. That’s why I invest the time in my consummate preparation work.


With the RIGHT Prep, barefoot can make old walls look NEW!


For an Interior project you can expect just as thorough a prep job as we do outside.

  • We start with thoughtful care of your possessions and furnishings including sheeting and drop-sheeting

  • We repair cracks in plaster and drywall damage

  • We fill holes, and caulk gaps

  • We sand everything that needs to be sanded, whether to smooth out a rough area or to make sure the paint will properly adhere

  • We prime all surfaces that need to be primed.


For an Exterior project you can expect:

  • Cleaning all surfaces that are to be painted

  • Intensive scraping

  • Thorough sanding

  • Priming all unpainted or bare spots with a high-quality primer

  • Caulking unsightly gaps and cracks with 35-year durability caulk.

  • Extensive sheeting and masking


All this, before we even apply paint!



The painting industry has developed over the years and, as you may know; many advanced new products have been developed by paint manufacturers. There are many different types of paints and finishes for virtually a limitless number of surfaces. There are specialty products to deal with and solve problems, provide preventative measures, or simply to change the aesthetic qualities of your project.


Some of the Specialty Coats & Finishes Barefoot Painting uses include:

  • Faux Finishing

  • Premium Exterior Stains & Staining

  • Wood Finishing – varnish, stains, shellacs, polyurethanes

  • Low Temperature Exterior Paints

  • Suede finishes

  • Decorative Metallic Finishes

  • Deck Coatings

  • Stain Blocking Primer

  • Rust Prevention

  • No or low VOC paints

  • Porch & Floor enamels



BAREFOOT always advises to use the best materials available.

"The cheapest can of paint you buy is always the most expensive in the long run"


Yes, these do cost more, but you the homeowner will always benefit over time in terms of paint odour, colour retention, durability, coverage, and finish.


In most cases we prefer to use Benjamin Moore’s, Randall’s and Sico superior products. These companies produce high quality lines of paint, which are a pleasure to use, and outperform many other paint companies’. All these companies provide ECO-FRIENDLY paint as well!! For Specialty wood finishes Barefoot Painting recommends Sikkens products.


Barefoot Painting recommends using the top of the line paint. We don’t skimp on materials and we don’t “thin” your paint. When you, the customer, choose the brand of paint, we use that brand.


“You have my personal guarantee on that.”


Sterling – Owner of Barefoot  


The customer is always free to choose any brand of paint locally available. Other thanBenjamin Moore, these include


  • Pratt & Lambert

  • Farrow & Ball

  • Randal’s

  • Behr

  • Glidden ICI

  • C.I.L

  • Sherwin Williams


We will always be happy to further advise you in choosing the brand of paint for your project. We are also very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes  to the use of Oil / Alkyd products, and when it is better to use a high quality Acrylic Latex paints in its place. Think Green.


At Barefoot Painting & Renovations, our main priority is your complete satisfaction with the work which we have done for you.


Sterling stands behind all his company’s work. See; about Barefoot Painting


Barefoot Painting provides a limited 1 year warranty that will surpass any of our local competitors.


If there is a problem with ANY of the workmanship or materials used, we will fix it in a timely fashion with no charge to you. We can even arrange yearly warranty visits to do any necessary touch ups. Please contact Sterling for more information




Barefoot Painting carries 2 million dollars in business liability insurance and is BONDABLE.




Sterling has always made safety a very high priority for Barefoot.


We are registered with and covered by the Worker’s Compensation Board. Because we don’t sub-contract our work out to other contractors, you can rest assured that ALL Barefoot Painting employees are covered by the WSIB. (Account number provided upon request)


Under Canadian Law, if a contractor injures themselves on your property and they are not covered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB), you are completely liable for the medical bills, lost wages and more. That is why it is important to only hire painters who can provide documentation of their coverage and up-to-date account status. You can view our own valid WSIB certificate below, or download it if you prefer for your records. We’re covered, so you’re covered.


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