The global community is becoming increasingly aware of our effect on the environment. Many people are interested in doing more to reduce their personal footprint, but often the option feels out of reach, or incompatible with cerain projects or aspects of day to day life.


Does that sound like you?


Every year, hundreds of thousands of tons of waste ends up in Canadian landfills; the construction and renovations industry contributes more to this issue than any other single industry, including plastic manufacturers!  That is an enormous burden for us to bear as contractors.


Even though as professional painters, we usually have the smallest footprint among our peers, at Barefoot we believe we all have a responsibility to do our part in minimizing our carbon footprint, no matter how small. 


This is our GREEN Commitment to you, the planet-friendly consumer:


 1) We will always use certified, 100% VOC-FREE Paint for all our projects. Many products on the market claim to be free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs, the harmful chemicals in some paints that are unhealthy to inhale and wreak havoc on groundwater ecosystems), but most of these are only 0% VOC before pigment is added, at which point chemicals are reintroduced.


At Barefoot, we use top of the line paint from Benjamin Moore, or other zero-VOC paints . These paints use a completely water-based pigmentation process that is zero-VOC, even after tinting. That means you and your loved ones can breathe easy, knowing you won’t be have toxins in your home or the environment.


 2) We are always conscious of our eco-footprint when purchasing non-paint materials and supplies. Rather than filling the dump with once-used plastic drop sheets, cheap rollers, brushes and wasteful tray-liners, we commit to using only materials made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and washing them immediately after each use to ensure they can be used as long as possible before replacement.


3) We are proud to keep our gasoline consumption to the minimum. One of the most notorious ways contractors pollute is by driving around all day in gas-guzzling vans and trucks. Instead of subscribing to this norm, we at Barefoot employ bicycles to transport our materials, and equipment in the summer months. 


And, just for fun, here are 10more reasons to choose us for your next Green house painting project!



Barefoot Painting and Renovations can't help with your compost, but if you have a project in your home, you can rest easy knowing that Barefoot is stepping Green for you. Bicycles to move workers and supplies to each work site, along with products selected for their consideration for the environment, and reusable dropsheets, etc., in lueu of the one time use items other companies may choose to employ.…If all of these reasons, alongside a professional, guaranteed, service and product, pique your interest, why not let Barefoot give your home a completely planet-friendly transformation this year?


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